Handmade Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Jimmy Jensen, the new mouthpiece specialist at Tenor Madness, is renowned for his clean work and attention to detail. Using only the highest quality German rubber blanks, he can face each mouthpiece to fit customer specifications. On each piece, he will flatten the table, match tip and side rail profiles to fit a reed, and ensure straight facing from break to tip. He will also straighten the side walls, rails, baffle, and tip rails. Each piece is play-tested until the facing has been optimized to perfection. This process ensures that every mouthpiece will play with increased resonance, smooth tone, and tune infinitely better than stock pieces. His mouthpieces are currently performed on by students and professionals across the U.S. Perfect for all levels of musicians, these mouthpieces will grow with the student and last through the years!

These mouthpieces currently come in two models, the Symphony, which offers the player more richness and higher overtones, and the Classic, which provides the player that classic darkness clarinetists have been relying on for years. Each piece offers something unique to each player and is perfect for any venue from small chamber group to solo performance to large orchestras.

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