Resurfacing Alto Saxophone Ligature

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JLV SOUND is an artisan company specialized in 100% French craft manufacturing accessories for clarinet and saxophone. In 2013, after 10 years of research and developments, the JLV Ligature was born. It has been rewarded with various awards for its technological innovation. The JLV Resurfacing ligature fits onto classic and jazz ebonite mouthpieces as well metal mouthpieces for all saxophones.


The JLV Ligature's unique design improves reeds vibration over its whole length.

-Richer harmonics                                    -Accurate and very centered sound

-Smoother staccatos in all registers           -Enriched tonal palette

A comfort of quality of sound that will suit professionals as well as passionate or students since first year.

Resurfacing Feature

The mobility of the floating base rectifies air leakages due to reed deformations. This ligature enables musicians to save and optimize reeds increasing their quality and lifetime.

Adjustable Sound Amplitude

Different sounds depending on the position of the base along the reed.

Suitable for right and left-handed use

Base can be inverted to a player's preference.

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