Morgan Wooden Tenor Saxophone End Plugs

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The gorgeous Morgan Wooden End Plugs for alto and tenor saxophone are made from the original Selmer stock of Grenadilla wood. They are a high quality end plug. Check out our TM Talks video where we feature the Morgan end plug and then read the incredible story behind them down below.



"During the 1950's and early 1960's, the Selmer Company made Grenadilla wood end plugs for their Super Balanced Action and Mark VI alto and tenor saxophones. At some point in the 1960's, they stopped making the wood end plugs and started using plastic end plugs. Ralph Morgan was working for the Selmer Company at the time they stopped making the wood end plugs. There was still left-over wood from the production of the end plugs, so Ralph rescued discarded leftover wood with the intention of producing these plugs in the future.

Ralph retired from Selmer as Chief Woodwind Designer in 1980. Ralph started his End Plugs Project in 1979. He drew up the designs... which are pretty much the same as the original Selmer designs. He had tooling developed, but never actually started production.

We recently rediscovered the old wood stock in storage and using Ralph's drawings, we started production of these plugs. These are made from the same 60+ year old Grenadilla wood billets that Selmer used back in the early 1960s. These should fit any Selmer Paris model alto or tenor saxophone along with many other brands of saxophones."

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