“I am playing the Tenor Madness Custom tenor because I LOVE THE HORN! The Tone is easily, in my opinion, the best of any new tenor on the market… The scale of the horn is the best I have ever played on the tenor- period! It’s a player’s dream to be able to talk to the creator of the instrument on any given day and discuss options or make suggestions.”

   -Doug Lawrence (Lead Tenor, Count Basie Orchestra)


"As soon as I picked it up I knew it was something special. What a sound! TM Custom is the best horn for me."  

  -Matt Parker (Postmodern Jukebox, Matt Parker Trio)


"I've been playing the 136xxx [Tenor Madness overhauled] today... Wow, what a treat to play an instrument that's been regulated! I feel like I'm now getting a chance to really hear it. It was playing OK but nothing like this when I bought it. Thank you so much, guys!"

  -Tom Moon (Music Critic and Reviewer for NPR)


"I just purchased a Selmer Balanced Action alto from Tenor Madness. The horn is in wonderful condition. The retailer was very easy to deal with. Part of my decision to purchase the instrument was based on the audio clip. The person playing on the clip was an excellent player, and it really helped in making a decision. Musical instruments are primarily about the sound- not just looks. Fortunately, I got both in this case."

  -Steven Bergman


"Buying an expensive saxophone that needs to be overhauled need not be a daunting task when you have a team like Tenor Madness to restore it to its original glory. I highly recommend them for their dedication and high standards of care."

  -Bill Gati


"Had my Couf Superba II tenor rebuilt here. I was a little skeptical at first 'cause the horn seemed like it was a lost cause. I couldn't believe the end result. Will be sending another tenor here soon."

  -Trent McInturff


"They are simply the best at what they do."

  -Connor Steck