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We at TM have been refining our process of overhauling saxophones for years now and feel strongly that it stands as one of the top overhauls in the world. Not only is the mechanical work done with extreme precision, but we spend a lot of time on the setup after the fact to maximize the resonance and voice of your saxophone. While Randy Jones is the guru behind Tenor Madness, the final product is a result of the TM Team including Randy, Thomas, Nolan, Jimmy and Simon. Below outlines what a TM Pro Overhaul entails.

  1. Disassembly and cleaning of the instrument.

  2. Body is checked for proper alignment and straightened if necessary.

  3. Dent work is completed. All minor dent work is included in normal labor. If extensive dent and

    body work is need, you will be quoted the additional cost before we start the work.

  4. Tone holes are addressed and properly leveled.

  5. Keys are fit properly to remove lateral and radial motion.

  6. Pad cups are checked on a jeweler's anvil to ensure flatness.

  7. New pads and resonators of your choice are installed. Our preferred pad is the Pisoni Pro Pad

    with either TM Brass resonators or Nylons depending on the saxophone.

  8. Springs replaced as needed.

  9. Key corks, felts, and all other adjustment materials are replaced.

  10. Neck tenon / receiver seal is checked. Basic refitting is included in normal labor. If excessive

    lapping or reworking of the tenon and receiver is needed you will be quoted the additional cost before we start the work. In general, neck lapping can be a very positive thing, but it will change the feel, response, and core sound of the saxophone to a certain degree and is best to talk about before having any work done!

  11. Meticulous regulation, play testing, followed by more regulation and play testing!

Besides the techs actually playing the horn when it's finished, extensive break in and play testing is done by 3 different top notch professional saxophone players. All of their input, as well as the customers specific requests, will go into tweaking the final setup. This final step is CRUCIAL to our overhaul and sets it apart from many other places where you can get exceptional work done. This is where we spend time adjusting things that improve the feel of how the saxophone takes air, how it resonates, and nuances of the key-work to ensure a great personal fit for each individual client.

Prices on overhauls break down as follows:
Sopranos, Altos and Tenors - $1400 + price of pads, resonators and any other parts. Baritones - $1700 + price of pads, resonators and any other parts.

As stated above, excessive dent, body, and neck work will be additional and will be quoted before the work is started.


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