TM Custom Complete Mechanical Restoration

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Tenor Madness uses the finest grade materials available, with careful attention paid to detail. You decide what kind of resonator, pad, and pad treatment you would like us to use. Each player, instrument, and mouthpiece makes a unique combination- a combination we try to take into consideration when we repair your instrument.

A complete mechanical restoration is required if an instrument needs extensive dent work and/or has extensive key wear or other repair issues. Baritone sax by quote only. Please email us your questions about our full restoration work or to inquire if your horn is a candidate for this type of work. Only a limited number of time slots are available for personalized mechanical restorations. We are always up front about our schedule so you know how long your horn will be in the shop.


Complete mechanical restoration process:

The complete mechanical restoration includes everything in a basic mechanical overhaul PLUS:

-Replacing pearls if desired

-Making new hinge rods

-Providing new pivot screws and/or set screws

-Everything that can be done to the instrument short of refinishing


Included from the basic overhaul process:


  • Disassembly and careful cleaning of the instrument with mild detergent.
  • Body is checked for proper alignment and straightened if necessary.
  • Minor dent work.
  • All keys are swedged to remove lateral play.
  • Excessive wear removed from post to hinge rod.
  • Pads cups checked on jeweler's anvil for flatness.
  • Tone holes addressed.
  • Refit tenon and receiver.
  • All new pads (your choice of pad type and resonator type)
  • Key corks, felts and neck cork installed (premium cork and hat felt used for key regulation and silencing).
  • Springs replaced as needed (OEM springs directly from Paris).
  • Meticulously regulated to customers specifications
  • Wiped down, oiled and play tested.



Our complete mechanical overhaul comes with a one year warranty on all work performed. For more information, please visit our warranties page. 


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