TM Custom One Piece Brass Resonators for Saxophone

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Looking for the best resonator to put on your saxophone? Look no further. This is a resonator project that we spent a year prototyping before we settled on the exact product we're selling today. This is a one-piece, slightly-domed brass resonator based on the dimensions of the vintage Selmer metal resonators. Each resonator includes a screw and backing plate. These are CNC machined here in Iowa. Since these are reusable, without any solder joints, this is the last resonator you will ever have to buy. We use a stainless steel screw so it will never rust. The CNC'd backing plate is beveled so that the tapered head of the screw sits flush. 

When you place your order, please add a note to your order or send a quick email to let us know the model of saxophone you are purchasing for.

This is our business.  This is what we do.

These resonators are available for soprano, tenor, c-melody, bari, and bass.  We have our own standard sizings for virtually any saxophone, but we're happy to put together custom sets in case you want to voice your horn a certain way. 

Our resonators are used in several specialty saxophone shops all over the world.  Here is what some of our customers are saying:

"We use the solid brass resonators from Tenor Madness as our top-shelve choice in our overhauls - especially on Selmer Mark VI, SBA and Balanced Action horns. They are very similar to the sound and response of the original Selmer resonators: Well balanced, full bodied tone and a nice crisp attack."
Kim Bock
KB Saxophone Services

"The Tenor Madness reusable resonators are the best quality reusable saxophone resonators on the market.  They are light, strong, beautiful, well-shaped with just the perfect amount of dome, sized right to your horn, and with a countersunk backing washer (similar to the original Selmer resonators) that ensures your reso stays tight and centered and your pad stays flat... I don't endorse many products because I am hard to please, but Tenor Madness resonators impress me every time."
Matt Stohrer
Stohrer Music

"I have used resonators from Tenor Madness for nearly five years, and have found them to be superior to their competitors in form and function. High quality manufacturing of a thoughtful design prevents bowing of cardboard pad backings during installation, which allows pads to be glued as flat as possible in their key cups. Flatter pads seal better, which optimizes a horn’s playability and enables the player to focus on music, instead of on repair related instrumental deficiencies. I consider these resonators an essential component of both my repair work and my repair philosophy."
Jarod Bufe
Jarod Bufe Woodwind Repair

| Pete Kahn 31-01-2018 21:33

Have these in my SBA alto and Silversonic tenor--ordered some for my VI alto---these guys bark!

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