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Tenor Madness has a reputation in the saxophone community for delivering outstanding customized setups on vintage and modern saxophones. If your sax has a recent pad job, but is just not performing up to snuff, it may be a perfect candidate for a personalized Tenor Madness setup! Baritone sax by quote only.

Due to the cost of manufacturing, companies today cannot afford to detail modern instruments to their full potential directly off of the assembly line. If you have a modern saxophone that has never been professionally set up then you're definitely a candidate for a personalized Tenor Madness setup.

We are obsessed with bringing out the very best in current production saxophones as well as vintage saxophones!


Custom Setup Process:

  1. Disassembly and careful cleaning of the instrument with mild detergent if necessary.
  2. The horn is meticulously reassembled and adjusted one pad at a time.
  3. The spring tension is reset to your personal preference.
  4. Key venting is adjusted for an even playing scale.
  5. Intonation and overall playability is checked.
  6. The saxophone is allowed to sit for 2 days to settle in and then rechecked and adjusted, if necessary, before shipping.
  7. Bell soldering is an extra $100

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