500sl Tenor Saxophone in Cognac

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This is the latest generation of the TM Custom tenors developed over the last several years by Randy Jones. These tenors are meant to be a viable modern alternative to the fabled vintage Selmers. Every tenor is assembled by hand in the shop, with careful attention to every last detail. After leveling the tone holes by hand, installing pads and resonators, soldering the bow, and final set-up, about 24 hours of work go into each tenor. The TM comes standard with or without a high F# key and are now offered with rolled tone holes or straight tone holes.

The latest and most significant development is the new neck. We experimented with annealing necks to improve tuning, but found that some of the tone quality was lost in the process. These new necks are the best of both worlds! The same complex tone is there, but now with a hint of resistance and increased focus of sound. And, we can confidently say that this is the best-tuning neck on the modern market.

Because of the true rolled tone holes, these tenors sub-tone with very little effort and the response is lightning-quick through all registers.

Each finish has its own sonic signature. Available in cognac, unlacquered, matte, silver plate, and gold plate.


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Rolled Tone Hole Versus Straight Tone Hole

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