Westcoast Sax MOAM Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Article number: WCMOAMALT810
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From Westcoast Sax's website:


The Westcoast Sax MOAM Tenor (Mother Of All Mouthpieces) Saxophone Mouthpiece displays a contemporary sound with Explosive Power, Color, and Depth. From Beautiful Ballads... to Screaming Solos... the MOAM allows the player complete freedom of expression and is down right a blast to play. Matt Lee personally designed The MOAM Mouthpiece with a medium facing (Super Responsive), thin rails, roll-over baffle, and a bullet style medium chamber. The MOAM Mouthpiece in 24K Gold and Rhodium Finish includes: Rovner Cap and SS 2M Ligature. PLEASE NOTE: The Limited Edition Rose Gold Finish Does Not Include Cap and Ligature. 


Theo Wanne is the master at bringing my inspiration and vision to life. The MOAM is Made in the USA with the Highest Quality and Craftsmanship. Each mouthpiece is made out of 24K Gold Plated Brass. If you are looking for a mouthpiece that allows you Full Expression, Playability, and a Personalized Sound... Then look no further!

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